In this epic episode Angela Kuehl and I are answering your questions.

We have asked you on IG what kind of questions you want us to answer and here we are with a very clear message from spirit.
Energy Update June 2019: Be patient and learn how to say no! Keep your boundaries in check and know when we are impatient we tend to say yes to things that are most probably not in alignment. 
Remember: “Even when you think  nothing is happening it is still coming“ Angela K. Listen in.
we are also talking about.
  • being on the spiritual path and how to attract the right partner, the partner of our dreams, that partner that truly is in alignment with our values and our spiritual and personal development
  • money mindsets and money consciousness which is sooooooooo important and needed as we are all shifting rapidly and how money is a form of abundance and how we really need to rewrite our story with money
  • sisterhood and why we as women need to come together and support each other even more now- which is also very important for men btw
  • spirit guides and how to differentiate the voice of your ego and the voice or your spirit team
Let us know what you have gotten out of it. Connect with us and send us your question for the our next talk. 

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