In this episode I am interviewing Mary Allison, a spiritual teacher and speaker and well versed in the arts of poetry, music composition, and writing. She is an award winning artist and a metaphysical author. 

Mary was born with a unique gift of deep perception. Ever since she was a young child , Mary has received rich, intuitive insight into the lives of others.

Upon entering adulthood, Mary went through a series of spiritual initiations to strengthen her intuitive connection. The journey of awakening to her own gifts, and realizing that they are immensely needed within this world. , has been an experience of vast pleasure, crushing humility, and honor.

I am so excited to bring on this episode to you, because Mary takes us on a deep journey to the importance of inner child work, shadow work, balancing the dark and the light. We are talking about compassion, patience, vulnerabilty and simply pondering the meaning of life.

This talk is so deep and you don’t wanna miss. Tune in. 


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