Welcome to the first episode of Self Love Sundays (SLS).

I am pumped. After taking two weeks off, traveling and taking time for self- reflection and some deep recalibration, I am more inspired and motivated than ever. 

Self Love Sundays are here to reflect on our ways of loving and showing up for ourselves.

“What is self love, where does it start? Is it all that glitter and gold?“ 

It is a journey of deep transformation to our truest and most authentci self.

“Love the way who you are!“, easier said than done, right? Self love is the bravery to show up for yourself, especially when things get hard.

I guess the most loving way is to love ourselves even when we feel like we can’t possibly love ourselves because of XYZ.

Every Sunday I release an episode that is going deep into the many topics of the tapestry of Self-Love.  

Thanks for joining.

Love, Nadine


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