In this episode I interview the powerhouse of a woman Luise Beaumont from the Beaumont Farm.

Luise shares her truly unique journey of how she, her husband and their two kids moved back from Abu Dhabi to a little village in Northern Germany to make her childhood dream come true: A farm that is so unique and special with lots of animals, permaculture and the most magnificent nature right at their doorstep. 

Hear how she has manifested her dream into reality, get inspired my her contagious and simply uplifting energy, and what the Beaumont Farm stands for, plus find out how Luise became a triathlon athlete. This woman is one huge great example of what we are all capable of being and doing. 


“Beaumont Farm is becoming a place that can be whatever its guests need it to be: a spot to slow down and discover animals and nature, a writing retreat, a family reunion, a class trip, a nursery excursion, a detox from the city and electronics, an animal sanctuary for all their rescues.”

Listen in and enjoy. 

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