In this episode I interview Sharon Jean Land. And we are talking everything spiritual, portals, energy healing, self mastery and the energies in 2020! 

Sharon Land is an Intuitive Coach who’s passion is guiding your soul to love fully and discover your own personal power. Sharon specializes in post traumatic resilience and Somatic Therapy, poly vagal regulation, Harmonyum Healing, and Brain Reworking Recursive Therapy. She believes in and has facilitated in the infinite capacity of transcending any and all disease.

From a very early age, Sharon started working with her psychic gifts, working with energy, meditation, medical medium, energy testing, and started studying Buddhism at age 9, the Tao, Universal Kabbalah, Catholicism to soon follow. Through a constant investigative curiosity and her own one time Bodymindspirit  crisis and transformative journey, has studied and trained with spiritual Masters and Gurus, worked alongside Shamans, alternative medicine physicians, Drs of Psychology, and expanded her capacity for healing and provides her intuitive guidance across the globe. Most recently Sharon has embarked in obtaining her Masters in Clinical Mental Health degree and is performing Supervised Counseling. All to learn how to serve others to reach their greatest capacity.

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