Letting go of karmic relationships, Moon Women, Self-Compassion

December/January energies are coming to a close. We have had so much purging, shifting and shedding going on.

In this episode my beautiful soul sister Angela Kuehl is back (Episodes #6, #7, #17, #25, #29, #37)and shares her profound wisdom and insights with us on these new energies we are moving into.


  • death/rebirth energies
  • ending karmic relationships
  • things coming to an end for good
  • sisterhood, holding each other accountable
  • she says: women are of the moon, women are of water: It takes a village to raise a child
  • we were not living in isolation, in our own cages, women were helping each other and we need each other to process life, to process emotions —- being of service to our sisters, men being of service to their brothers
  • note to us all: the most important thing for the collective isself-compassion; acknowledge your emotions, zero judgment
  • don’t start this new year and decade with self-abaondoment
  • perfect time for journaling
  • self-abandonment and escapism
  • virtual online full moon circle Essentially Lunar: she’s answering her call doing this virtual online circle (for women only) Compassion is the center of this circle
  • why she created ELM, what is ELM? –  the geography (where we live) really impacts us how we’re feeling on every level: our health, our wealth, our relationships, our needs, our moods, sex, everything…or lack of
  • thrival over survival: living our composition, living FOR and not against ourselves

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