What are Gene Keys?

What do they tell us about our lives, our health, our potential, our shadows, our relationships, our career, etc?

Loves, this episode is jampacked. And I have with me the amazing Jordan Cardarelli.

Jordan is an International Gene Keys Reader & Guide. With a background in both Astrology and Human Design she has been reading the language of the cosmos for as long as she can remember, but after finding the teaching of the Gene Keys she knew she had found what she was meant to share with the World. After diving into her own Gene Keys chart, she was amazed to see the previous 3 years of intense self-discovery were displayed to her on one page-her hologenetic profile. Since this moment she has come to understanding the Gene Keys profile as a personal roadmap to elevating your vibrational frequency and a shortcut to deep healing. She helps her clients to see that their greatest gifts lie on the other side of their innate fears, and that they are in the drivers seat of their lives, through uncovering the map (their profile) that will lead them to the life of their dreams. Jordan is based in Toronto, Canada but reads for clients all over the world.

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