We are in times of big global change and many experience big upheaval. All around the world people are self-quarantining right now. So many of us experience tremendous fear and anxiety, many of the people are panicking. 

These challenging times require people to collaborate and connect, challenging times require people to think in different and new ways, they require ceative minds and to bring something totally new to the table. It’s our greatest opportunity. 

The way we used to operate in this world doesn’t work anymore, 

The real pandemic is fear and even worse panic. And that is the worst that can happen: people panicking. 

I dedicate this episode to bring a little persepctive and some ways to deal with our fear and how to flip it around and see the gift in all of it. BECAUSE WE GOTTA RECLAIM OUR POWER. 

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Here are the resources that I trust and that I’ve mentioned in the episode. Feel free to check them out:

Gregg Braden:

Shaman Durek:

Teal Swan:

Lacy Phillips – Expanded Podcast

Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Gaia TV

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