Nadine Kühn

Getting to Know the Alchemy of Heart Coach

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Nadine’s passion is supporting women of any age to step into their highest potential.
She assists her clients to cut cords and release energy blocks that may be holding them back from living the life they are meant to live – a life of true empowerment.
Nadine offers transformational and emotional integration that leads her clients into a deeper understanding of themselves, and holds space for them to find that everything they need is stored within their soul’s blueprint. 
Nadine balances light and shadow work and can access many timelines.  She holds space for her clients as they activate their natural healing process through the power of expression and emotion. She combines her practice with voice work, spiritual healing techniques, shamanic journeying and many other tools that she has gained along her own journey.
With her professional background in music and her long-term studies in spirituality, Nadine is deeply attuned to the rhythms and cycles of life.
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I’m a visionary that seeks to live life in harmony.
The principle of Yin and Yang, the unity of the divine masculine and feminine, the shadow and the light…All equal and precious. I love the moon and the sun, I am lunar and solar, I am star seed,  I am an artist, a healer, a writer and musician, I am a lover of nature and a witch. I love healthy plant based food and ice cream, I love to bathe in the infinite oceans of wisdom, I am water. The night is equal to the day, and in the forest I rest and talk to spirit. My joy is to support and assist women on their path. I know life in peace and love is possible for all of us.
Nadine Kühn