In my childhood, adolescence and until my mid-twenties I suffered from allergies. It wasn’t just the type of allergies that would make me sneeze once in a while.

The allergies that I had were so severe that when spring came I got sick, really sick. And this state would last throughout the entire summer until autumn. Anyone who has ever suffered from allergies knows this kind of struggle.

Years over years the same old story.

I got vaccinated against the allergies – they call it immunotherapy. For chronic bronchitis that was caused by the allergies I got antibiotics.

I can’t even tell how much of that stuff I have let into my system during my youth. And on top of that, I was also taking the pill. But that’s a whole other story for later.

I am now 34 years old and I am super healthy. I feel so vibrant and fit, I was able to reverse all of my allergies and my asthma and can eat anything I want unless it is a GMO food of course.

But going a little bit further back to my story:

Way back then it wasn’t possible for me to eat many fruits that have seeds such as apples, cherries, plums, pears, peaches, apricots, and so on, at least in their raw state. I also couldn’t eat nuts, so basically all of what I have loved eating so much when I was a child.

If I would eat any of that – because sometimes I did since my body was craving it – I would experience severe breathing issues. I sometimes would get a rash on top of that, or I would feel sick in my stomach, get headaches, and so on and so forth.

Depression, allergies – how everything was all connected with one another

My mood was very low. I often times felt highly depressed, I was constantly tired, felt unmotivated, I had chronic bronchitis, my immune system was a total wreck, and my hormones out of control.

The worst thing was though when I could not breathe through my nose anymore since my nasal mucous membranes were totally dried out. This eventually led to a lack of sleep, which then led to even more stress and depression. It was a tailspin. I would often cry my eyes out in the middle of the night because I was so desperate, so tired, so worn out. I did not know what else to do. I went to see a doctor about my depression, and all I got was antidepressants, which in my case would just add up to the misery that I was in.

At that time I thought I would be eating healthy since I had been on a vegetarian diet for many years. But way back then I did not know the things about nutrition that I know now.

The Shift

It wasn’t until I was 21 that I knew I had to shift things and this time I was serious about it.
I went to see a therapist regularly, and that would slowly open the door to my dark and hidden aspects.
Even though it felt so uncomfortable and painful, I needed to do that for myself.

I knew all that I have “suffered“ from came from a much deeper place, and I gradually started accepting the fact that my body was crying for my attention.
Instead of holding on to the belief that an outer force was doing that to me, and that I am the victim of that force, I realized that something was completely going wrong, and it was me who was responsible for that.

By making that realization and having this new awareness the active part of my healing process would actually start.
It was quite an interesting experience because I was literally speaking to my body and it would tell me what to do, respecting of what I was capable of doing at that point in time of course.

First I would ban all chemical medicament. I dropped taking the pill right away – I never felt good with it anyway. I refused to take antibiotics. I said no to any vaccination and other chemical treatments. Step by step I was detoxifying my environment and my body.

At that time I was still smoking, though. I also occasionally drank alcohol. Unfortunately, after 9 years of being a vegetarian, I started eating meat again, which was a very poor choice, but I would drop that unhealthy habit again when I was ready to face the things that were actually connected with it.

Health – more than just physical

The more time I dedicated to my health the better my health actually would get.
I also told myself that I will BE free of any allergies and that I CAN enjoy life fully again. I believed in it so much that I have transformed my whole thinking and belief system, and thus my whole lifestyle. The power of thought.

I would engage in spiritual practices, meet wonderful teachers that showed me how to access my past lives, and deprogram and rewrite core beliefs. I was introduced to NLP, quantum healing, energy healing in general, and epigenetics, and I learned to apply all of that.
I became a student of many modalities, and I loved it.

Little by little I could see the shift happening. My allergies became less and less, and less. I was even able to enjoy my favorite fruits and nuts again after so long. I was finally enjoying life again. Soon I realized that I have never really enjoyed my life before, or at least I couldn’t remember when the last time was. Most of my life I felt imprisoned. 

One thing led to another: many years ago I became a vegetarian again. Then, after a huge water fast and detox, and after I quit smoking a couple of months prior, I decided to live a plant-based lifestyle. This is now over four and a half years ago.

Going vegan was the best choice I could ever make.

My health conditions were flipped 180 degrees, everything felt so uplifted. Of course it took some time, and it didnt happen over night, but my allergies were gone, I was feeling so much lighter, I was more sensitive and aware to the things that are happening inside of and around me. I felt a much deeper sense of peace within me.

It was also the time when I went into my deepest shadows through shadow and inner child work. 

I was at a total turning point in my life, setting myself free from all the sick conditioning that I have gone through. A truly illuminating process. And that contributed so much to curing my allergies, depression, asthma, and many other things that I have suffered from for such a long time.

Health, whether it is mental, emotional or physical health, became one of my top priorities and it still is and it always will be. I hope it is also yours.

And I am deeply happy and grateful for being able to eat cherries again. 🙂