2018 – the Year of Truth

Today was the first day of sunshine here in Berlin after a long period of grey skies and rainy weather. Read More

053: The Fear Pandemic & Why We Need To Call our Power Back Now (Solo)

We are in times of big global change and many experience big upheaval. All around the world people are self-quarantining right now. So many of us experience tremendous fear and anxiety, many of the people are panicking. Read More

052: On Integrating our Natural Gifts (Solo)

How to live a more effortless Life

So often we do not see our very unique gifts, our natural talents that are innate. We tend to not appreciate them because they are effortless and easy to use. And easy and effortless is not what society has taught us, right?Read More

051: Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating with Rachel Evans PhD

Have you ever suffered from eating disorders or disordered eating?

In this show I interview Eating Disorder Specialist Rachel Evans.Read More

050: Soul Mapping – Thrive In The Places That Call You Using Astro Geography and Human Design with Erin Rogers

Have you ever wondered why you felt drawn to certain places and repelled by others? Read More

049: How Applying Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Formula Has Shifted My Life & Spiritual Practice

Endless Potential – The Alchemy of Heart

In this episode of the Alchemy Of Heart Podcast  I share with you my spiritual practice and my profound and mind-blowing experiences doing Dr. Joe’s work. Read More

048: The Basics Of Gene Keys & How To Unlock Your Greatest Potential with Jordan Cardarelli

What are Gene Keys?

What do they tell us about our lives, our health, our potential, our shadows, our relationships, our career, etc?Read More

047: Clearing The Old With Compassion & The New Energies in 2020 with Angela Kuehl

Letting go of karmic relationships, Moon Women, Self-Compassion

Read More

046: Astrological Events in 2020 & Astrology 101 with Alison Brownell

How much do you know about Astrology?

This episode is gem packed with lots of information about the current energies and astrologcal events in 2020. In this show I interview astrologer Alison Brownell. Read More

044: Somatic Therapy, Harmonyum Healing, Portals & Self Mastery with Sharon Jean Land

Read More

043: Conscious Relationships & How to Move Through a Breakup with Bethany Walker

What are your relationship patterns?Read More