042: The Beaumont Farm – Creating A Life You Love with Luise Beaumont

In this episode I interview the powerhouse of a woman Luise Beaumont from the Beaumont Farm.Read More

041: Cultivating Kindness & Daily Journaling with Zel Garcia

Welcome to Self Love Sundays (SLS) and to this exquisite conversation I had with my beautiful soul sister Zel Garcia. Read More

040: Own Your NO & Know Your Core Values (Self Love Sundays)

Hey loves, 

this episode of Self Love Sundays (SLS) is asking you to cultivate a healthy relationship by saying no and staying connected to your core values.

This list might be valuable along the process:

It’s a no:

  • when it doesn’t FEEL right/or good
  • when it is not in alignment with my core values
  • when I sense BS
  • when it’s actual BS
  • when something is not true
  • when there are power games involved
  • when something/someone is unkind
  • when someone is reacting and coming from a reactive state of mind (reacting from their wounded self)
  • when it’s unsolicited advice, unsolicited shit dropping, unsolicited offers or expressions of opinion 

It’s a no when:

  • it’s not a definite yes,
  • it means I have to sacrifice and cut myself short and
  • my body reacts and gives me all the signs not to engage


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I highly recommend reading Brené Brown’s book:


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039: Plant Powered – Eat Yourself Healthy on a Vegan Diet with Kevin

In this episode I interview Kevin Natu.

Kevin was born in New York City, with his roots are in Jamaica. He’s a healer, an energy conduit master, certified in multiple things and modalities. He’s a plant-based yogi, a calisthenics coachand so much much more. 

Go back to episode #16 if you want to know more about Kevin and his practice.

Kevin tells us about his transition from eating loads of meat and eggs to a whole foods plant-based diet 6 years ago. He shares how he expereinced this lifestyle change, what challenges he went through and how is life changed forever. 

We are talking about the importance of the quality of our food, wher eit is coming from and the need to step back from fast food, going back to slow food and return to nature.

Listen in. This talk was epic.

Books mentioned in this episode (the following links are affiliate links. You can use the links to order the books)

How to work and connect with Kevin

Instagram : @7th_density 

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038: Self Love Sundays – There’s no right or wrong way. There’s only YOUR WAY.

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032: How To Express Our Sacred Sexuality and Sensuality with Olivia Bella

This episode is so delicious. This is a juicy conversation with my beautiful soul sister and dear friend Olivia Bella. We are talking aboutRead More

028: Inner Child Work & How To Love Ourselves with Mary Allsion

In this episode I am interviewing Mary Allison, a spiritual teacher and speaker and well versed in the arts of poetry, music composition, and writing. She is an award winning artist and a metaphysical author. Read More

027: Dealing With Eating Disorders – How I Recovered From Bulimia

In this episode I share my personal story of how I became bulimic when I was a child, how I coped with it in my adolescense and how I recovered from this eating disorder in my mid 20’s.

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025: Spiritual Hour with Angela and Nadine

In this epic episode Angela Kuehl and I are answering your questions.

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024: The Future Is Vegan – Curing Physical Ailments With A Plant-Based Diet with Nair Bettencourt Chantre

This episode is dedicated to this planet, to every single living being on this planet.

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