028: Inner Child Work & How To Love Ourselves with Mary Allsion

In this episode I am interviewing Mary Allison, a spiritual teacher and speaker and well versed in the arts of poetry, music composition, and writing. She is an award winning artist and a metaphysical author. Read More

027: Dealing With Eating Disorders – How I Recovered From Bulimia

In this episode I share my personal story of how I became bulimic when I was a child, how I coped with it in my adolescense and how I recovered from this eating disorder in my mid 20’s.

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025: Spiritual Hour with Angela and Nadine

In this epic episode Angela Kuehl and I are answering your questions.

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024: The Future Is Vegan – Curing Physical Ailments With A Plant-Based Diet with Nair Bettencourt Chantre

This episode is dedicated to this planet, to every single living being on this planet.

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Best Juicers For Juice Fast

When it comes to freshly homemade juice you want to make sure to use a juicer that gets you the most micronutrients, that produces a high juice extraction.Read More

Great Minds Read Great Books,Vol. 1

This is the blogpost referring to my podcast episode 013: Great Minds Read Great Books, Vol. 1.

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The Version I Used To Be

This morning when I checked my Facebook I was shown a memory from two years ago. Read More

2018 – the Year of Truth

Today was the first day of sunshine here in Berlin after a long period of grey skies and rainy weather. Read More

002: Be Who You Are with Trene Plowman

In this episode I interview Trene Plowman. 
Trene is a nurse for labor and delivery in Washington, US. Read More

001: The Six Human Needs – Master Your Relationships, Vol. 1

Every human being has needs. But there are six human needs that we all have in common, they are innate and for each of us they are also different.Read More