I am a certified practitioner of The Completion Process by Teal Swan.

Specialties: Denial, Sacred Feminine, Sisterhood, Eating Disorders, Self Trust, Self Confidence/Inner Critic, Relationships
Location: Berlin, Germany 1-on-1/worldwide 1-on-1 online

What is The Completion Process?

The Completion Process is a process that can bring great healing to emotional suffering. It is a revolutionary and groundbreaking, healing process created and developed by the legendary and renowned spiritual teacher Teal Swan. 

If we want to step into a life of freedom, connection and joy, then we need to embrace our shadows, reclaim our power, get to know our inner child and make peace with our past.

Read my story of how I became a Certified Completion Process Practitioner

On May 2nd 2016 my training as a Completion Process Practitioner began. 

What a journey it was until this day when we all arrived at our training retreat in the countryside close to Berlin, the capital of Germany.

I remember when I applied for this training. It was a definite calling. I felt it in every cell of my body, I heard the voice that told me: “do it! do it now, this is what you have asked for.“ And truly I did ask for it.

When I first heard about Teal and her work I was blown away. Actually it was my former hairdresser and beautiful friend that recommended Teal’s videos to me. So I started watching them. And I was immediately drawn to her teachings. They went deep, much deeper than what I used to practice. 

At  that time in 2015 I was recovering from a breakup which led me deep into my unhealthy relationship patterns. I was committed to this path of emotional healing, not really knowing where it would lead me, I simply heard the call and followed it. 

I asked spirit to bring Teal to Germany and to be trained by her. At that time the Completion Process wasn’t known to the public, and I  had no clue either. I simply felt that I have to get trained by her no matter what. So I have visualized it every single day. And one day I got this email announcing that Teal would come to Berlin, Germany, and that there would be a training for her process. You can imagine my excitement. I was jumping around like a little child. And I was quite impressed with my manifestation. 

Then the application period started and I felt a huge amount of resistance. Well, of course, since it meant to get out of my comfort zone and to go for my dreams. Interestingly enough humans can be so hesitant and scared to go for what they want. The fear of achieving, being successful and happy – isn’t that contradictory in and of itself?! 

Little did I know how much my life would change. But despite my fear I applied and I felt that I would get accepted by Teal and after over a month later I finally got the confirmation email that I was accepted for the training. It was in the middle of the night: I couldn’t sleep because I was waiting for that email to come. I was nervous, because I felt something major is about to happen. And there it was and in that night my whole life would change. 

We were a group of 24 trainees. The day we arrived everyone was so excited.  It felt like a big reunion, soul family indeed. With some of them I am still connected, some of them became my close friends. 

The next day Teal arrived and the training started. I will keep any confidential information secret, of course, but I can tell you it was deep, intense, triggering, healing on so many levels and simply mind-blowing. And the fact that she was there and teaching and training us was so exciting for my inner child. 

During the intense training days I experienced major shifts in consciousness. I went into very deep emotional wounds, I was holding space while others went into their deep traumatic memories.

I remember Teal saying in the beginning of our training: “You will open Pandora’s box.“

And in fact shadow upon shadow wanted to be seen, felt and heard. And I realized Pandora’s box is the way to freedom. 

After the training was completed Teal gave us our certificates and told each one of us what our specialty was. It was like graduating from Hogwarts to be honest and when she told me my specialty and the themes my clients would come to see me for, I felt a huge relief and validation. It was really, really big and the impact of that and the impact of accepting that was a true game changer for me. In that moment she has planted a seed and from that day on I was committed to this path. Dream big or go home – isn’t that the saying.