Welcome to Self Love Sundays (SLS) and to this exquisite conversation I had with my beautiful soul sister Zel Garcia. 

We have connected on a very deep level when we found each other on Instagram. Her IG content is absolutely stunning and beautiful. She’s inspiring so many people with her devotion, love, and passion for beauty, art and healthy plant based food. 

In this episode we talk about cultivating more kindness in our lives and how daily journaling has helped her find her true path and calling.

This was definitely not the last episode I had her on my show. Her wisdom is simply mind blowing and her creativity contagious. 


Zel is a user experience designer and lives in Auckland New Zealand.

She has a big heart and passion for art, design, being outdoors and everything health and wellness. Some of the interesting projects that came out from her love for health and wellness includes: selling mason jar salads, conducting smoothie bowl workshops and cooking/preparing food for women’s circle events. She’s also doing product photography work and most of her clients share the same advocacy as she does, taking health and wellness into a holistic approach. 

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