What Clients Have to Say About Their Sessions With Nadine

Nadine is a very empathetic coach and healer and knows how to be there unconditionally for her client. She has a wide range of tools to help transform very severe mental states (such as depression) as well as resistance and blockages that hinder inner growth. She has a great ability to clarify the situation or condition you are in right now.
Nadine’s work is incredibly effective and highly recommended! 🙂

Viktoria from Germany
Viktoria from Germany
Singer/Voice Coach

Making the experience of being as naked, raw and vulnerable as anyhow possible whilst feeling completely heard, seen and understood was incredibly healing.
Nadine’s guidance felt like being held by a hand that is as gentle and warm as it is safe and strong.
She knows exactly what she’s doing and I trusted her every second of the way with all of my heart.
I laughed and cried with her and at no moment of the entire session I felt awkward, insecure or let down.
She helped me to trust myself and my path again and I couldn’t be more grateful.
The session gave me new hope and a feeling of being able to completely free myself of limiting believes.
There is no doubt that I’ll work with Nadine again, she is a true angel and a wonderful human being.

Ella from Germany


I feel that the session we had yesterday really did clear up a lot… My mom came back home that night and said that she felt like there was a weight lifted off her shoulders. 

I also feel so much more connected to my inner child… I didn’t even know this kind of connection exists.. But i felt the intense relief of being held by a motherly figure, and remmebered your humming when i fell to sleep. 

Thank u for guiding me to discover this part of myself! ❤❤❤ I feel a sense of relief and relaxation, just like a child again ❤

Also, I told my mom this morning about the session we had yesterday, and she was blown away..

She wanted to say thank you to you ❤❤

Mirrah Irdina
from Singapore

Completion Process

The sessions with Nadine was really a blessing to me. Having so much trouble to open up and express myself, it was amazing to feel such a fully presence and the space someone could hold for me and all my emotions for the first time. I liked the way she experimented with different methods to reveal things that are stuck in me. This was probably the first time I felt such a chaotic eruption of different emotions and sensations and Nadine stayed with me and guided me through all of it. I felt secure in her hands. She reminded me of the importance to stay present with the emotions, to allow them to simply be there , that I am not alone and that I am not going crazy. When it got too uncomfortable she showed me some useful techniques that I can use to help myself. Thank you so much, dear Nadine! ❤️

from Sweden

You have given me a new perspective by saying that I can choose to somehow learn to live with the pain, or have the opportunity to completely transform the pain. It was the first time I ever gotten to know the possibility that there could be an alternative to “somehow learning to handle the pain”. This change of perspective will probably accompany me for a while. You helped me a lot in this session. Your clear questions (especially about self-lying and dependency) were hard but helpful and necessary. 

Sabrina from Germany
Life Coach

Completion Process

My completion session with Nadine was a unique session. For the first time, I realized how it feels to be truly validated. Until then, validation was a concept to me and I thought I am doing it for myself when I did CP on my own. It was a totally different experience to have Nadine in front of me mirroring my emotions though. Something that’s literally impossible to do on my own. She stayed with me and didn’t care about anything, but feeling my pain and when I saw that, only then I realized how I never had that validation. She’s all about human connection.  

Medi from Iran
Entrepreneur, Designer, Architect, Artist, Coach

Completion Process

Nadine has been of great help while in the process of unraveling things that prevent me from being me. She creates a safe space, is respectful and kind. I feel that she is genuinely concerned about my progress and like the fact that she checks in afterwards to hear how things are going. I have done a few CP’s with her and can honestly recommend her to anyone who needs a friend to help them out.

Nair from the Netherlands
Yoga Teacher

Completion Process

Nadine is one of my most trusted and beloved CP practicioners, I am returning to her for sessions over and over again. From the first moment on she made me feel so safe, accepted, both mentally and emotionally understood and supported. No matter how thick my emotional walls, how dark my shadows, how deep my layers are, her powerful yet gentle presence and guidance helped me through what I needed to face in my subconscious each time.  Even during as long as a 4- hours- session she stood strong by me throughout every second of the process to help me release trauma and gently reintegrate my fragmented aspects. She is my number one practicioner when especially hurtful and vulnerable past experiences surface for me as I have deep trust in her and she holds safe space for me to open up. Thanks to her being an amazing facilitator and the CP process, I went through incredible transformation and finding who I really am. I have great respect for her both has a person and professionally, I hugely value her empathy, her wisdom, insights, honesty and honored to call her a friend. <3 Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to work with her.

from Hungary

Transformation Coaching/Completion Process

Nadine is an honest and caring practitioner, which makes her really great at what she does because she is easy to connect with and makes you feel like she is there with you in any situation or emotions you are going through. I messaged her from a very dark and desperate place in my being and she gave me what I really needed at the time, which was pure light and positive energy. Not only that she leads you through the Completion Process with expertise and the ability to go deep, while giving you the space you need. Additionally, I felt she was genuinely interested in my past and the experiences I have gone through. I highly recommend  Nadine!

from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Completion Process

I did the Completion Process on my own with success a few times and it worked when the feelings where not too complex and deeply buried, but I got stuck and didn’t know further faced with more ‘chaotic’ emotions and themes.

It was an enormous help to be led through the process by Nadine and feel her unwavering presence as I went through layers and layers of old wounds. She is very gifted in her ability to guide the process and understand what is happening and what you need. I felt very safe and supported in the time with her and also in how she followed up making sure that I was doing well afterwards.

I am happy to recommend her to anyone!!


from Norway

Completion Process

Nadine facilitating the process for me was exactly what I needed at that time. Having her guiding me through, helped me to stay in the process to the very end: every time I was getting destracted, she brought me gently back to my emotion. To my surprise I have discovered lots of interesting things about myself (such as my shadows and what I need to really focus on in order to integrate those “hurt” parts of me). Nadine was moreover (and still is) really supportive ever after the Process, always checking on me and the way I feel.

It was a very interesting, new and definitely beneficial experience for me. Thank you, dear Nadine.

Much love, Juliana.


from Iceland
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